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Merits of Ending Hunger

People have to take precautions that will help them to evade hunger. People cannot survive without food. It is with the aid of the food we take that the body is able to get nutrients to help in its functions. Without food, body organs will not have the energy to function, therefore may lead to death. It is therefore important that we are able to have something to eat at all times. People should also know that it is not healthy for them to take excess food. However, there are people that are not able to get efficient amount of food. This implies that they are faced by hunger, something that causes the death of most of them. It is therefore important for us to offer some food to these people. There are benefits that these people are able to get when they are able to get enough food once more.

These people will be in a position to enjoy improved health condition once again. We all need to be healthy at all times. Lack of food is the major cause of unhealthy bodies in the affected people. This is the problem that is faced by these people as they are not in a position to get the needed amount of food. It is a condition that gives diseases an opportunity to get to these bodies as they have a weak immune system.

When these people are able to get help in form of food, their bodies are able to regain a healthy state that enables them to do their activities in the normal way. This is also the best way to ensure that we are able to save the lives of these people. This is because people die because of lack of enough food. When we are able to give food to these people, we are able to save them from starvation. The food will also ensure that they get the energy they require to do their activities.

People are also able to promote education when they feed a hunger stricken society. This is because hunger is something that cause a high rate of absenteeism in schools. It implies that even the bright children are not in a position to attend to schools. This is a lost chance as their abilities are not exploited. Feeding such a society is the best way to ensure that the nation will benefit from these brains. This is because these children will be able to remain in schools and enjoy education that will help them in future. It is also through feeding these people that we are going to have a peaceful living.

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