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Requirements for Immigration Bond

Upon hearing that someone you love has been detained ICE officers you will want to do your best in order to get them out of the situation. Even so, when a bail bond is posted the person will be free to go until the set court date when they will have to show up to answer for the charges. However, it might be required that a bond be paid before they are let go. You need at least $1500 because the immigration bond cannot be below that but you will be surprised at how high the maximum range can be. You can even be asked to pay millions of dollars. The bond is a gesture that the person who has been charged will answer the demand of the court when a hearing is set. This amount might not be much for those who are rich but struggling families will have trouble pooling together money to get enough amount for the bond but it doesn’t have to be a problem when there are immigration bail bond companies that can assist. You will only be asked for a small percentage before they post the bail money.

Nevertheless, the ICE officers will use the information they have to determine whether someone is eligible for the immigration bond or not. The most obvious issue is ensuring that someone will not run away when they are let go. It won’t be one court hearings but rather several of them and not attending even a single one will be a huge deal which is why the court has to be sure that you will show up. If you are the one in this mess you need to find a way to assure the officers you will not flee. The bond is not an excuse to run away which is why if there is a possibility you might breach the agreement you won’t be granted the bond even when you are very capable of paying whatever sum is asked. If it is your loved one behind bars you should advise them on what to do in order to make a convincing case that they will remain in the region until they are cleared.

Also, the charged person should not be a pose any threat to the community if they are hoping that the bond will be set. Even if you had been arrested before, as long as you can make a strong case that you have been rehabilitated and become a model citizen you will also get a bail bond so that you can go free until you have to come back to answer the charges. The good thing with being on the outside is that there is a lot you can do in helping the case. No one is happy to be in jail given the horrible conditions and restricted freedom which is why you have to do your best in getting out.

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