Best Baby Clothes Recommendations from Kyte Baby Company

From birth to two years old, babies can’t control their body temperature well. Therefore, clothes are used to cover the baby’s body to keep it warm. There are various types of baby clothes sold in the market, such as newborn clothes, shorts, long, overalls, and bodysuits. The materials also vary, for example, cotton and gauze. Then, baby clothes are sold in many sizes.

We will give you some tips for choosing the right baby clothes. We will also recommend baby clothes from well-known brands, such as kyte baby. So, make sure to read this article to the end, OK?

The importance of choosing baby clothes according to size and material

Baby clothes are a must-have item after the baby is born. There are still many parents who do not know how to choose baby clothes for their first child. Some of them end up choosing baby clothes based solely on the design.

However, choosing baby clothes based on their appearance alone is not a good thing. Babies sweat easily and cannot control their body temperature. If you choose the wrong product, the clothes cannot absorb sweat, warm, and maintain the baby’s body temperature. Then, if the material used is not suitable for hot weather, excessive sweating can cause a cold.

Babies who have not been able to speak can not express their discomfort. Therefore, as a parent, you need to provide the best care. Choose the right baby clothes so that your little one is comfortable wearing them.

How to choose baby clothes

The following are things you need to pay attention to when choosing baby clothes. Choose the one that suits your baby’s needs.

Choose according to baby’s age

Baby clothes generally measure 50 to 90 cm according to the baby’s height. Here is a baby dress height guide that you can follow when choosing:

• For newborns or newborns: 50 cm.

• For babies 3 months: 60 cm.

• For babies 6 months: 70 cm.

• For 1-year-old baby: 80 cm.

• For babies up to 2 years old: 90 cm.

However, these measurements are only guidelines because babies have different heights. Some babies cannot wear clothes the size of a baby their age. Then, if you want to buy clothes to wear at the end of the year for babies born in the middle of the year, choose slightly larger clothes.

Choose the type of clothing according to the intended use

There are four types of baby clothes that can be adjusted to the baby’s age. Get to know the advantages of each type of clothing and choose the one that fits your baby the most.

Short clothes: absorb sweat and everyday wear

Short clothes are essential everyday clothes worn by babies. This dress can be worn from newborns up to three months of age. This is because this product can absorb sweat well so it is suitable for use in any season.

The length that is only waist-deep makes it easy for you to change diapers. During the dry season, this shirt can only be worn in one layer. However, it can also be worn under a jacket or sweater in cold weather because these clothes absorb sweat.

Newborns often vomit when drinking breast milk, so they have to change clothes frequently. Therefore, it is better to prepare more shorts than other clothes, about five to six pairs.

Long dress: can be worn when the newborn and sleeping

This long shirt is similar to the short shirt, only the size is long. This type of dress is suitable for newborns up to two months of age when their legs are not moving much. When the weather is cold, you can use kyte baby sleep bags while the baby sleeps.

However, compared to other types, this shirt will probably be rarely used. Because he is too long to wear under other clothes. Today, compared to long clothes, more and more parents prefer overalls because they are practical for traveling.

Overalls: suitable to be combined with short clothes

The overalls are the same length as the long shirts but have snap buttons on the thighs. Your baby can wear this dress up to five months of age. This shirt will not lift even though the baby’s feet are actively moving so it is suitable to be worn from the age of three months.

This shirt can be worn only one layer, but when the weather is cold you can add more underwear inside. The use of this dress is the same as a long shirt. However, long clothes are more suitable for newborns. On the other hand, overalls are suitable for babies half a year or older.

Bodysuit: changing diapers is easy and durable to use

Like overalls, the bodysuit is also equipped with snap buttons at the thighs and groin. This product is also called in various names depending on the manufacturer, such as rompers, body shirts, and others. Although the designation is different, the name refers to the same product. This product is also recommended for babies aged three months and over.

The bodysuit is recommended for babies who are starting to move their feet, from three months to one year of age. Products that are opened from the front are practical because they make it easier for you to change diapers. Meanwhile, products that do not have a front opening are suitable for babies aged three months to two years. Just make sure you still adjust the size to the development of the baby’s body.

Adjust materials to the weather

There are many materials commonly used to make baby clothes, such as gauze and cotton. You need to understand the characteristics of each material and then choose according to the weather. Since babies have super-smooth skin, products made from 100% cotton are widely used.

When the weather is hot, wear clothes with materials that can absorb sweat well, such as gauze and Indian cotton. Meanwhile, during the rainy season and cold weather, choose clothes with warm materials, such as piles and knitwear. Then, the elastic material that absorbs sweat well and warms can be worn in various seasons.

Pay attention to the points that make baby clothes safe and comfortable

Several points must be considered so that you feel calmer about dressing your little one. In the following, we will discuss these points one by one.

Clothes that are sewn from the outside will not scratch the skin

Baby skin is known to be very soft because it is half thinner than adults. To avoid hurting your baby’s skin, make sure the seams and labels are on the outside. You may initially think that the inside and outside of the garment are upside down, but that is the correct position. Therefore, dress your little one in clothes with stitches on the outside so that they don’t touch the skin.

Sewing threads that stick out and fall apart can scratch your little one’s skin. You can choose clothes from specialized manufacturers of baby clothes and they are sewn carefully. If the clothes are sewn at the same time, you will feel calmer because they will not hurt the baby.

Adjust the way you use it, baby

There are three ways to wear baby clothes, namely snap buttons, straps, and velcro. The size of the clothes with straps can be adjusted to the baby’s body. The strappy clothes can be easily removed and put back on, making them perfect for newborns. Then, clothes with snap buttons do not come into direct contact with the baby’s skin. The buttons are not too thick so it fits perfectly with other clothes.

Then, clothes with velcro can be worn by babies who are starting to get active because they can be worn quickly. It is practical to use when changing a baby’s diaper who can straighten his neck and move a lot. In conclusion, clothes with a strap type fit for newborns. Then, the snap button and velcro type are suitable for active babies.

In addition, you will feel calmer if you choose baby clothes that have passed the formalin test. Because formalin is a substance that can harm your baby’s skin.

Choose a branded product if it will be used as a gift

Baby clothes are also quite popular as gifts for giving birth. However, choose a special product to make a good impression.

One way is to provide branded products. One product that is quite popular thanks to its quality is Kyte baby. Which has a variety of products with unique and cute designs. Therefore, if you give it as a gift, of course, the recipient will receive it with pleasure..