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Ideal Promotional Products for Startup

Startup is a stage in a business where a company first enters in a possibly very competitive market and must survive by every means. Bringing a new product and marketing it is a difficult task for every business person. It is human nature to easily forget what you see for the first time and as business person you should constantly remind your customers of your products. The discussed promotional products below are the best products you can use to promote your new product.

Glowing fridge magnet with your company logo will make customers to always remember your company. Most people use different liquid paint on fridge magnet that usually plain and usually fades away with the reduced magnetic effect. When you give out free glow in the dark paints containing your company logo, your information will be illuminated day and night making a customer remember your company The paint of your company information reminds your potential customer about your company because it is always illuminated by the glow in the dark.

Customized USB with the information about your company is also an effective item you can give freely to remind your customers about your company. One of the most important tools to transfer information is the flash drive. USB is popular because it is easy to carry around and has moderate space. You can communicate potential customers by giving them free USB flash drive that has your company logo. A customer always remember your company each time he/she opens a flash drive containing the information of your company.

Multi-functional pen with information about your company can be a great reminder to your customers about the existence of your company and the products your company offers. Logo of your company on the pens that you distribute freely to your customers can act as a reminder to the of the products and services offered by your company. A customer will always remember your company each time he/she is taking notes or making some signatures. With almost everybody having a tablet for recording notes, you can take your advertisement a notch higher by giving free stylus pen with your company or product logo. A potential customer remembers your company when he/she uses a stylus pen with the logo of your company.

Calendars containing the information can be a great promotional item of your company. At least each house or home has a calendar. Distribute free calendars that have your company logo to customers When one confirms a date on the calendar, he/she remembers your company.

Ironed wooden coaster is also an important product that can be used to promote a business. The best thing about coasters is that they are portable. A customer will always remember your company every time he/she takes out a coaster that has your company logo.