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Points About Wolves And The Role They Play In Our Ecology

One thing that you need to know is that wolf reintroduction is a very sensitive topic that has been talked about for a couple of decades now, these days wolves are being introduced back into the environment that they had previously disappeared from. There was to play a really huge part in the ecosystem. What you need to know is that when it comes to the apex predator wolf they are very important to the ecosystem and them being introduced back into the system has really helped the environment a lot.

One of the reasons as to why wolves ended up getting extinct is because ranches hunted them down because they killed so many of their herds. Even after national parks were established new protections were put into place to serve the remaining population. The interesting thing is that wolves still ended up being Instinct and they totally disappeared in these national parks, and people do not pay any attention to this. You need to know that when will started disappearing it took years before people started experiencing the effects as it started affecting the environment.

When was disappeared the population of moose, elk and deer increased at a really high rate. Environmentalists noticed that large sections of land were becoming Warren of the traditional Aspen and Willow Tree stands. The larger herds no longer afraid of being hunted had stopped moving around as much and overgrazed their habitats. The animal started breathing on one place was lead to different species of plants disappearing, and the trees declined in the health and this also affected Waterways. Intern the fish, reptile and amphibian population decreased as the water became shallower and warmer with less shade from trees.

In area where the forest was very thick overgrazing eventually lead to decrease in resting areas for so many birds and that is why various species of birds eventually disappeared from the park because of this. Park Rangers didn’t want to bring wolves back and instead instituted population control measures for the Elk In The Park, this didn’t stop overgrazing thus it didn’t return the Parks plant life to its previous growth. Eventually the number of elk decreased, and the hunters started voicing their concerns to the government, and the government was very strict on the parks management, and they told them that this continues they will not continue funding these parks. Eventually, control measures was stopped immediately, and the Park Rangers decided on reintroducing wolves because they know how important their role played in the park and after a while things in the park got back to normal as there was a balance in both the animal population and plants.