Marketing Strategy in the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

Marketing Strategy in the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

 As we all know, the world is currently facing a very serious challenge because of the Coronavirus pandemic or the Covid-19 virus. As we worry about together, this is gradually starting to affect business, financial turnover, to talk about finance globally. The Corona outbreak is enough to hit the economies of various countries hit because the business ecosystem is being hampered. Don’t panic, the following marketing tips you can use to keep running a business during a Coronavirus pandemic.

 7 (Seven) Small Business Tips in the Middle of Corona or COVID Pandemic 19

 1. Always Connect with Customers through Social Media

 In these critical moments, it seems we are all affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Quiet shops, shopping centers, cinemas, or cafes lost visitors because everyone locked themselves in their homes. Before we are directly affected, of course, we must take precautions. Time like this is the right time to show empathy to others and help while you can. You must be sensitive and not overly pushy in sales by doing hard-selling, but this is a great opportunity for your brand to stand out by staying active and connecting with your audience on social media. With so many people quarantining themselves, the use of social media is becoming increasingly active because social media is one way to stay connected with many people even though we cannot leave home. This can be a potential that your business can use by contributing to providing free services for a certain period (free trial), helping people in need, or providing positive content that is motivating and entertaining. Certainly don’t forget to promote these good deeds with social media to help build your brand.

 2. Make sure your business or small business can be found on the internet

 During social distancing and lockdown movements, of course, more people are online now. In general, online search traffic has increased significantly over the past week and will continue to rise as long as the masses are still at home. Everyone hunts for the latest information on their cellphones and computers, including online shopping, which is also a way to spend time. Make sure your brand is easily found on social media, even on the main pages of online search engines.

3. Always be the best in Marketing and Advertising innovation

   Campaigns, social messages, or online presence in search engines, try to always be the first to appear and be noticed by your target audience, so that the target customer’s focus is on your brand and not competitors. To reach this stage, strategies and schedules must be prepared as well and as neatly as possible. Shared Direct Mail, Direct Mail Marketing, SEO and PPC Advertising digitally as a tactical step in realizing this goal, but even better if combined with other advertising strategies that can be launched after this outbreak ends. Make your business the most important and most memorable. The combination of digital with outdoor advertising will be very effective for this.

4. Giving Special Offers or Discounts

 In this uncertain period and condition, attracting as many customers as possible is an effort that can help your business on a stable curve. Purchasing power is currently fluctuating, so to be able to get the income and keep your customers is by offering special discounts that will help your income continue to flow. Determine which products are most desirable and make special offers, be able to capture new customers, or as a way to keep customers to keep making purchases. Package discounts attractively and deliver to your customers through social media or other channels.

 5. Become a Brand that Responds to Situations

 In a changing situation like now, the way to keep your business going is to grow empathy. Give transparency to consumers regarding the efforts made in the current situation. If you have a restaurant or catering business, for example, say that you have done according to procedures such as chefs and the team that prepares food is required to wear gloves, masks, and boxes that are tested as clean. Or if you have an offline business, tell your customers that you are now opening an online service to support #dirumahaja activities and so on.

 6. Use your free time to reorganize your brand

 Now you might not go to the office or meeting with clients and your schedule will be empty. This free time can be used more productively to reorganize everything about your business. It can be from arranging a promotion strategy going forward, overhauling the look of the website, or setting new objectives for your business.

 7. Prepare Effective Marketing Steps to Revive Business

 Like a storm, a corona outbreak will surely pass. For example, in China today it states that the country has been cleared of the coronavirus, with no additional cases in recent times, after 3 months of fighting against the plague. At this time maybe Indonesia is experiencing a wave of financial and health that is quite vacillating, but if we succeed in doing #flatteningthecurve, that’s when the country’s condition (and of course financially) will return to normal and the purchasing power will be stable again. Preparing a budget and ideas for outdoor advertising is a step that can be prepared from now on to re-create the buzz of your brand later.