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Tips For Buying Cemetery Headstones

Many people attach a lot of significance of headstones when laying their loved ones to rest. This is because when it comes to memorial and anniversaries, all that remains to be seen as the loved one is being remembered is the cemetery headstone. Headstones can be traced back to Jewish traditions, where stones were put at the head of the grave to honor the departed loved ones.

When looking for a headstone, you need to ask relevant questions and do some homework before you can decide on a particular headstone to buy. Whatever is inscribed on the stone should be personal to the dead and the family. The message will always mean something to all the people who will come to see the grave and remember the dead. If you are looking for the most suitable headstone, you will find the following tips useful.

Cemetery headstones come at various sizes, shapes, materials, and prices. You should, therefore, choose one that reflects the personality of the deceased as well as the family and religious tradition. There are different types of headstones, such as flat markers, upright headstones, slant marker, bevel marker, ledger marker, standard tablets, and obelisk headstones. You might want to know the features of these headstones so that you can make the best choice.

Flat markers are lawn-level and are usually made from granite or bronze. Most people prefer granite headstones because they are available in various colors. The flat markers are generally smaller in size and more economical to purchase, costing about $300.00.You can place the flat markers flush on the ground, or you can raise them a few inches above the surface. The flat headstone can also be textured with different features, symbols, finishes, images, and designs depending on the personal needs and preferences.

The upright headstone, on the other hand, is tall and comes in two pieces. One is the base stone placed at the bottom, which supports a vertical one. The upright headstone is the most popular because they are more conspicuous and can last for a long time. Slant marker headstone comes with a broad base that tapers up with an angle of 45 degrees. It looks like the upright stone, but it is shorter and thicker. The bevel marker is also referred to as a pillow marker and appears like the slant marker, but the angle is not as steep. The back of the headstone marker is about 3 inches higher than its front.

There is also the ledger headstone marker, which is thick and in most cases, covers the whole grave. It is usually made of marble, sandstone or granite. You can use the ledger marker headstone together with other memorial monuments. Then there are the standard tablets that are simpler and rectangular in shape and are usually placed directly on the grave or top of a foundation. Obelisk headstone is a tall monument whose origin can be traced to Egypt. It is usually mounted on four square pedestals and can be decorated to look like a pyramid.

You should be able to choose the right headstone from these types based on your budget, tradition, and the wishes and personality of the deceased.

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