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How to Lower Your Anxiety Unconventionally

There are over forty million people who have anxiety. Anxiety not only affects individuals mentally but also physically. Even though there are many drugs that you can take to help you overcome anxiety not many people are ready to take them. If you are not ready to go for medical treatment there are various ways you can lower your anxiety unconventionally. In this article we are going to look at a few ways that you can use to treat anxiety.

When treating anxiety you can use animal therapy. If you are looking for a good way to reduce the anxiety you can turn to your pet or animals around you. Individuals can use dogs and cats for this therapy. You can touch the animals and caress them. This way you will be able to lower your mood and also recover from your anxiety. Individuals can also watch animals as they play around. They will help you get your mind distracted to what is troubling you. Thus, one will stay engaged and also pass their time when they are feeling anxious.

Another way individuals can use to lower their anxiety is eating. When you are chewing different snacks you will be able to lower your anxiety. One is able to give their brain receptors the feeling of happiness and pleasure when you are eating. However, one should always be careful since food can be addictive at some levels. Eating regularly for the whole month helps you to keep your blood sugar at levels that are healthy and steady. This can reduce your chances of having a low blood sugar which is usually a trigger for anxiety and panic attacks. Individuals need to try snacks that are rich in fiber and protein. One should also ensure that they add fruits and vegetables to add some vitamin in their diet. One should ensure that they avoid foods that have sugar levels that are high since they will easily affect your blood sugar. Thus when lowering your anxiety it is important to consider eating snacks.

It is important that you whiff to lower your stress. Individuals usually have a very strong sense of smell. Hence individuals should always consider to whiff when they are looking for ways to lower their anxiety. When your brain associates a certain smell with a certain memory one will feel it is much easier to revisit the emotions they had when they were having the memory. Most individuals use lavender in lowering stress. Lavender is also used in spas and salons to help customers relax.

To conclude, the above are the ways to consider when reducing anxiety unconventionally.